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  • Hold and hatch condition surveys. Unsealing and Sealing Certificates.

    Hold and hatch condition surveys. Unsealing and Sealing Certificates.

    Hold and hatch cover condition surveys Inspecciones de bodegas y espacios de carga. spain valencia alicante castellon sagunto

    Hold and hatch covers condition surveys have the purpose of determining the condition of holds an hatches of a ship or vessel at the time of the survey. Usually is part of a condition inspection, but alone, it is also used to assure that the cargo received from the ship is in the same condition as when it was loaded. Before loading operations, it gives  confidence that the cargo will be not contaminated by remains on board from previous cargoes or any other material, or affected by possible ship deficiencies.

    We can also carry out and issue hold unsealing and sealing certificates, before unloading operations or / and after loading.

    AB Surveyors™ team is composed of experienced marine surveyors attending any type of ship or vessel, to check holds and hatches.
    Depending on our customer requirements we use our own templates, checklists and reports or we follow their documents and instructions.
    AB Surveyors™,   carries out independent hold and hatch covers condition surveys on behalf of Technical Management Companies, Ship Operators, Ship Owners, Insurance Companies, P&I Clubs, Buyers, Sellers, Importers, exporters, etc.
    AB Surveyors™,   adapts to the particular circumstances of our clients and we try to minimize the inspection effects in the operations of the vessel and her crew, avoiding delays.


    In hold inspections, we:

    • Confirm that holds are free of rust or paint chips that could contaminate or discolor the cargo.
    • Provide assurance that the hold is free of previous cargo remains, wooden partitions or dunnage.
    • Examine the ship’s voyage cargo records, to assure that  previous cargos do not contain materials that may put cargo at risk
    • Check for any signs of moisture or previous water damage in the hold or bilge


    In hatch inspections, we:

    • Visually inspect hatch covers at departure and arrival for water tightness and proper operation.
    • Look for hatch damages like holes and leak points that may affect the quality of the cargo.
    • Carry out Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tightness tests for assessment and verification if required by client.

    We use high tech tools to ensure that our customer receives a high quality report, reflecting the true condition of the vessel in the most exhaustive way.

    We can carry out Hold and hatch condition surveys and Hold Sealing and Unsealing certificates in all ports of Spain.

    Ask for availability and price sending us an email to info@absurveyors.es

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