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    ISM Internal Audits

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    ISM Internal Audit (International Safety Management) is a process used to ascertain the suitability of the system, as well as to measure its performance and efficiency.

    The ISM Code is an international management standard for safe operation of ships and pollution prevention.

    To ensure adequate safety and pollution prevention standards, it is necessary to properly organize the management, both ashore and on board. This requires, therefore, a systematic approach by the people who are responsible for the ship management. The objectives of the mandatory application of the ISM Code are:

    • Ensuring compliance with mandatory rules and regulations concerning the safety of ships and environmental protection.
    • Ensure effective implementation and putting into force of these rules and regulations by Administrations.

    AB Surveyors™, conducts ISM internal audits totally independent and confidential, which provide an external view of the organization and the implemented system, thus helping customers to improve their weaknesses. The objectives of the  ISM Audit are:

    • Determine the degree of conformity of the system.
    • Evaluate the ability of the system to ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and contractual requirements.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of the system to achieve the specified objectives.
    • Identify areas for potential improvement of the system.

    AB Surveyors™, conducts internal audits of the ISM Code for Ship Owners, Ship Managers and Ship Operators.

    We carry out ISM Audits in all the ports of Spain and European Union.

    Ask for availability and price sending us an email to info@absurveyors.es

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