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    Ultrasonic hatch cover tightness testing


    Ultrasonic Hatch Cover tightness testing has the purpose of determine the weather and water tight integrity of hatch covers.

    Loss of weather-tight integrity continues to be a constant factor leading to cargo damage which could result on a threat to the safety of the crew, the ship and its cargoes. Weather-tight means that in any sea conditions water will not penetrate into the ship.

    Ultrasounds are sounds with a frequency above 20 kHz and can be precisely measured. The basic equipment consists of and ultrasound generator, which is placed in the hold, and a receiver unit fitted with a microphone to receive the emitted ultrasound signals.  It is a non-destructive method, non -invasive, can be used in all weather conditions, non-polluting, and can also be used in empty holds and holds containing cargo.

    Ultrasound detection equipment is also used for many other applications as for watertight testing of ro-ro and car carrier ramp doors (where access is available) and for watertight doors in any kind of ship.

    AB Surveyors™ team is fully trained in the use of the Cygnus Hatch Sure ultrasonic equipment and we can attend any type of ship or vessel, to check hatch cover integrity.

    AB Surveyors™,   carries out independent Ultrasonic Hatch Cover tightness testing on behalf of P&I Clubs, Classification Societies, Ship Operators, Ship Owners, Insurance Companies, Buyers, Sellers, Importers, exporters, etc.

    We carry out Hold and hatch condition surveys in ports of Castellón, Valencia, Sagunto, Gandía and Alicante, but we can also carry out the service in other Spanish ports after previous consult.

    Ask for availability and price sending us an email to info@absurveyors.es

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